Benjamin Charron

Originally from the village of Larressore in the Basque Labourd province,  from the age of six years-old, made my first steps toward fishing thanks to my...

The Baigorri Nive

With an average width of a dozen metres, this is the most important tributary of the Nive river. It takes its source from the confines of the Aldudes valley...

The Bastan

This high mineral content stream, with its clear waters, takes its source in the Navarre province in the steeply-sided valleys bordered by the Aritzakun and...

The main Nive river

This emblematic river of the Basque Country, wide and strong, alternates between turbulent water and large, deep pools. On the first category of the public...

The sources of the Nive

With an average width of six to eight metres, it is the tributary of the Nive from Baigorri which is the most important, contributing to the main river. With...

In the Basque country, about thirty kilometers from Bayonne and its suburbs, between mountains and ocean, in a unique natural and unspoilt stretches of the Nive catchment, extensive drainage system more than 1000 km2.

For the trout fisherman, the Nives represent one of the best French destinations. From the small mountain stream to the large lowland river during calms down, through the intermediate sectors, while trout fishing there is something, certainly.
In this valley where the Nive has 35 km of linear first category of public domain and almost 800 km in private, rivers and trout abound is omnipresent.

Accompanied by your professional fishing guide certified “Pêche64”, discover the region and share his passion and experience sport fishing in measuring you to wild fish of great beauty in the heart of a unique nature.
With his skills and his knowledge of the area, your fishing guide will save you time losses related to ignorance places and will save you valuable time in learning fishing techniques.

Fishing in Navarra

La proximité avec l’Espagne est une chance: cours d’eau préservés, densité de poisson supérieure, pression de pêche moindre. Mais les avantages ont toujours des inconvénients (démarches contraignantes, réglementation rigoureuse…).

J’ai sélectionné pour vous les meilleurs parcours sur les deux bassins versants les plus intéressants et les plus représentatifs de Navarre: la Bidassoa et l’Irati.