Service rates

Fees per person – one to two fishermen, guiding, initiation, perfecting.


    Half day           1 day           2 days          3 days            4 days             5 days
 1 Pers.       130€            200€            390€           570€            750€             880€
 2 Pers.  100€/pers.       150€/pers.        270€/pers.         370€/pers.          470€/pers.           560€/pers.


    • ∗ 30 €/pers./day extra for fishing in Navarra on the Bidassoa river and the rio Irati
  • The prices include: the guide, the instruction, the loan of equipment (except waders), the fishing licence only for fishing in Navarra.
  • The prices do not include: fishing licence, accommodation.

Depending on your needs and your level, make a choice between an initiation or a guided-advanced formula. Thus, whether you are a beginner or an experienced fisherman, you can call upon my dual qualifications as an instructor and guide.

As a beginner and wishing to acquire sufficient knowledge to be able to fish on your own, choose an initiation session and let me show you my skills as an instructor. Thanks to my technical advice, my knowledge of fishing gestures and the habits and movements of the fish, you will save a considerable amount of time during your apprenticeship. We will review together the choice of equipment, lures and bait to be used, fishing sites and also methods of exploring and organising activities.

If you are an experimented fisherman who wishes to benefit from a good overall view of the potential fisheries system of the region and its particularities and also to deepen your technical knowledge: choose the guided-advanced programme and make the most of my skills as a guide. I will take into account your level and help you avoid losing time due to a lack of knowledge of the area. I will give you easy access to the best spots of the moment, giving you the opportunity to measure up the untamed fish in a unique and preserved environment.

All the techniques used during the sessions are aimed to respect the fish, allowing those fishermen who wish too, to release their catch without traumatizing the fish and in the best possible conditions.