Originally from the village of Larressore in the Basque Labourd province,  from the age of six years-old, made my first steps toward fishing thanks to my father who passed on his passion.

We live a hundred metres or so from the Nive river and so I spend most of my free time fishing. With my father and thanks to other encounters, I developed a passion for both trout and other game fish, torn between the delicacy of the firsthand the ferocity of the others. Since then I’ve never stopped thinking about trout, large-mouth bass and pike. With live bait, flies, or with lures, it was on this mythical river, the Nive, where I caught my first “noble” fish. These same species would later lead me on a pursuit of the rivers, lakes and ponds all over France and Europe.

Water and fish play an important role in both my professional and private life. After my studies and experience in fish-farming, here I am today as a fishing instructor and guide, on my home ground in the Basque Country, ready to welcome you and accompany you and to pass on, in turn, my passion, my knowledge, and my experience of game fishing.

See you soon by the riverside !